img_20161213_183104The Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols was first held on Christmas Eve 1918 at King’s College in Cambridge, England. It was planned by Eric Milner-White, who, at the age of thirty-four, had just been appointed Dean of King’s after experience as an army chaplain which had convinced him that the Church of England needed more imaginative worship. The main theme of the service is the development of the loving purposes of God seen through the windows and words of the Bible.

Over and over, we find ourselves surrounded by words and music that speak to us of God’s wonder, mystery and surprise. Perhaps we will discover ourselves hungry for more. Beneath the predictable commotion of this season we might catch the sense of things so ancient and so new, so intimate and so shattering – that we find ourselves following that star to the birthplace of the shepherd king.

We hope that our offering of words and music may help you enter into the wonderful spirit of preparation which is the Advent Season. May God’s grace prepare you to receive the gift of the Christ child in your heart this Christmas season!

Please join us and bring a friend!